Ayata develops software that helps corporations make smarter decisions about the future. Our customers include some of the most notable corporations on this planet.

We started R&D in 2003 to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is multimodal and prescriptive. Our scientific research has always focused on combining different AI disciplines with operations research and metaheuristics. In 2009, the State of Texas invested to commercialize our inventions, and Ayata (a Sanskrit word for “future”) was incorporated as a business in Delaware. Over the last decade, Ayata’s technology has improved critical processes at Fortune Global 500 corporations in Insurance, Energy, and High-Tech.

Ayata’s technology is multimodal by design. More than 80% of the world’s data is unstructured – videos, images, sounds, and text. Our patented software analyzes hybrid data – a combination of structured and unstructured data – to predict what’s ahead and prescribe how to take advantage of this predicted future without disrupting other priorities.

Ayata holds 55+ patents containing 1,200+ invention claims in three areas: AI and related technologies, AI in Insurance, and AI in Energy.

Ayata's AI Software Predicts and Precribes, with Multimodal Data - since 2007


Our Customers Include

Some of the largest companies in the world benefited from Ayata's AI solutions.