Product Management & Underwriting

Match rate with risk in policies and pricing to enable individual-level product and feature customization across different:

  • Coverage Types – Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Collision, etc.

  • Geographic Areas – state, state-group, county, and more

  • Time Periods – monthly, quarterly, annually

  • Customized Segments – demographical, behavioral, geographical, and more


Spend efficiently by going after prospects ready to become customers. Target and acquire with retention and profitability in mind. Tailor value proposition and focus messaging to each specific customer segment.

  • Leverage Look-Alike modeling to uncover untapped customer segments in the wider population

  • Develop Marketing Routines customized for product, prospect, distribution channel, and more

  • Uplift Close Ratio and Response Rate

  • Improve Customer Retention (Persistency)

  • Increase Marketing Effectiveness – redirect spend away from those unlikely to convert, toward those who will

  • Optimize Pricing – better match rate with risk, understand impact of competitor rate actions and environmental factors

Claims Management

Anticipate and prevent rather than react. Manage customer claims expeditiously and effectively, while driving customer satisfaction.

  • Enable Straight-Through Processing (STP) to transform an adjuster’s workflow from claims processing to exception management

  • Surface relevant questions during the claims process, including coverage issue(s), potential fraud, medical management opportunities, and more

  • Predict which claims will go to litigation and their financial impact, prescribe attorneys and settlement strategies for favorable outcomes

  • Correctly calculate benefits from even the most complex claims like disability (income protection) by extracting relevant information from claims files like injury information from doctors’ reports and income from tax returns, among others.

  • Match information read from the claim file with policy language to ensure all eligible benefits are paid, and proactively alert when information needed to process is missing or incomplete

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