Oil & Gas

Asset Development – Drilling and Completions

Prescriptive Analytics for Drilling

Finding the right combination of parameters to minimize rig time while maintaining the safety of the operation is key.  Ayata’s software prescribes the optimal design and placement for each new well, and prescribes specific actions for each step in the drilling process.  Our technology helps drillers reduce non-productive time, speeds up well turnaround, and reduces the cost of each well drilled.

Prescriptive Analytics for Completion

Every well drilled should make the next well better.  Prescriptive Analytics incorporates all data, regardless of source, structure, size, or format, to prescribe optimal recipes for drilling, completing, and producing wells that maximize their economic value at every point over the course of their serviceable lifetimes.

Ayata’s software compresses learning curves to help operators produce more oil, more predictably,  at a lower cost.

Production Operations

Equipment failures are unpredictable, disruptive, and expensive.

Oilfield equipment performance is driven by a combination of factors, including configuration, operating conditions, and operating parameters. Understanding the impact of hundreds of variables moving simultaneously in different directions and at different rates is necessary for cost-effective, high-performing asset management. Understanding those impacts is extremely difficult, if not impossible, without the use of Prescriptive Analytics.

Ayata’s Prescriptive Asset Management is an integrated design, maintenance, run-time management, and replacement program that safely optimizes equipment performance, extends equipment life, and maximizes economic returns.

Acquisition and Divestiture

When prices fall, assets get reallocated. Informed participation in these markets will determine the winners and losers for decades to come.

The essence of deal-making is knowing more than your competitors, and having the confidence to act on that knowledge. Uncertainty in assessing the value of oil & gas properties has always been part of the deal.  If the value assessment is too high, you paid too much. If the value assessment is too low, you missed out on the deal.   What can you do to ensure you’re on the right side of every transaction?

Prescriptive Analytics brings hard science to the A&D space.  Our software forecasts the production for a property with unprecedented accuracy, and provides detailed, actionable prescriptions on how to achieve production targets while staying within financial and operational guidelines.