Technology Remains The Game Changer For Oil, Gas Industry

But times have changed for the 11-year-old company.

“Now we don’t talk about computer efficiency, machine learning and natural language processing. We say, ‘Your fractures per stage in that well are 30%different from a well in similar geology. How are you addressing that?’” Basu said Nov. 18 during Deloitte’s 2014 Oil & Gas Conference in Houston. The company then suggests the operator try it their way for five days and then try the Ayata way for five days and see what happens. “If we can’t help you, what we do doesn’t matter anyway.”

With a combination of structured and unstructured data, prescriptive analytics software is used to predict what will happen downhole, when it will happen and why to help operators become more efficient and improve production.

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Velda AddisonTechnology Remains The Game Changer For Oil, Gas Industry

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