How would Google Drill?

Google approached the challenge of autonomous vehicles as a computer science rather than an engineering problem.  What if the oil and gas industry did the same?

Chun WangHow would Google Drill?

The Journey To Designer Wells

As oil prices drop and shale operators around the U.S. sweat, one statistic sticks out from the 2014 DUG Eagle Ford conference—the open admission on stage by one of the largest energy services companies that “60% of all fracture stages are ineffective.” The presenter continued by asserting that a “step change” in completions and productivity is needed to sustain the unconventional energy revolution.

Daniel MohanThe Journey To Designer Wells

How Data Analytics Can Help Frackers Find Oil

Computer technology is nothing new in the $6 trillion global oil and gas business. For decades, energy giants like Exxon, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell have been running seismic records through supercomputers to figure out where to drill. Billions have been spent on high performance computing (HPC) resources to bolster oil exploration and extraction.

Atanu BasuHow Data Analytics Can Help Frackers Find Oil