Customer Profile: Dell


Dell’s Global Customer Service organization has tens of thousands of agents spread across multiple centers responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction with Dell products and services. Two of Dell’s key performance indicators are customer satisfaction score and first contact resolution—both of which needed to be improved. But in a challenging economy, Dell needed to improve these metrics without additional resources.


Dell turned to Ayata for prescriptive analytics help. We helped model Dell’s customer service business process with two distinct goals:

  1. Predict the key performance indicators for customer service, and
  2. Preempt future customer satisfaction issues with 90-180 days of forward looking insight

Using Dell’s existing data (phone switch, customer, product, issue, agent, survey, etc.) and external data (econometrics, benchmark, etc.), Ayata software predicted, analyzed, simulated, and optimized each key performance indicator. We then shared specific, actionable recommendations on upcoming issues, along with preemptive solutions to avoid these issues altogether without adversely affecting other key metrics.


Dell used Ayata’s prescriptive analytics software to make dramatic improvements in key metrics. Dell’s Customer Satisfaction score increased by nearly 40% and First Contact Resolution improved by 50%. Other key metrics also experienced similar improvements.


Atanu BasuCustomer Profile: Dell