About Ayata

Ayata develops software that helps corporations make smarter decisions about the future.

More than 80% of the world’s data today is unstructured – videos, images, sounds and text. Our patented software processes hybrid data – a combination of structured (numbers) and unstructured data – to predict what’s ahead and prescribe how to take advantage of this predicted future, without disrupting other priorities.

We started R&D in 2003 to combine different Artificial Intelligence disciplines with Operations Research and Metaheuristics for developing Prescriptive Analytics software. In 2009, the State of Texas invested to commercialize our inventions and Ayata (which is a Sanskrit word for “future”) incorporated as a business.

Our Advisors

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson, was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chevron Corporation, one of the world’s largest energy companies, for seven years.

Richard (Dick) Stoneburner

Richard is currently a Managing Director and Partner with Pine Brook Partners. He represents Pine Brook as a director of Accelerate Resources Holdings, LLC, Red Bluff Resources, LLC and Wagon Wheel Exploration, LLC.

Mark Bly

At BP, Mark was Executive Vice President, Safety and Operational Risk, where he established and led the global organization to drive improvements in safety and reliability in all BP operating units.

Carl Williams

Carl Williams is a Managing Director with Riverstone Holdings, an energy- and power-focused private investment firm.

Dr. Corey Yulinsky

Corey Yulinsky is a 30 year veteran of the financial services and retailing industries as both senior executive and management advisor.

Bob Campbell

Bob led the US Public Sector practice at Deloitte & Touche LLC and served as a Vice Chairman of that firm.

Tim Keyes

Tim, a Stanford MBA, is the CEO of Keyes Capital, which manages their family’s investments.