Maximizing Oil Production with Prescriptive Analytics

The transformative promise of Big Data Analytics is to generate actionable insights from massive amounts of constantly evolving data, and to then leverage those insights to achieve positive, meaningful business and societal outcomes.  Listen as Ayata’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Mohan, discusses how Ayata is helping top-performing operators in unconventional plays frustrated by wide performance variations and unpredictable returns on invested capital, and concerned about competing in volatile or deflating price environments, create more efficient and effective recipes for drilling, completing, and producing wells.

Daniel MohanMaximizing Oil Production with Prescriptive Analytics

Ayata on KGO Radio

Eighty percent of all the data in the world is unstructured and disorganized. Ayata is a big data company specializing in Prescriptive Analytics.

Atanu BasuAyata on KGO Radio

Podcast: Five Pillars of Prescriptive Analytics

In an era when unstructured data from video and other formats is becoming increasingly available for examination, the power of analytics to yield important recommendations is growing. In a column published in the current issue of the INFORMS publication Analytics Magazine, Atanu Basu of Ayata provides valuable advice on using prescriptive analytics. In his second Science of Better podcast, hear him provide some essentials tips.

Atanu BasuPodcast: Five Pillars of Prescriptive Analytics

Podcast: Analytics and the Future of Healthcare

Whether you call it the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the law enacted in 2010 has generated strong debate about healthcare in America and the need to balance volume (healthcare providers billing by the number of services provided) with value (a results-based approach tying payment to better health). In this podcast, Atanu Basu, the founder and CEO of analytics software company Ayata, discusses an article on the special role of analytics in healthcare that he co-wrote with Pete Horner in the current, special issue of Analytics Magazine. This issue focuses entirely on the many facets of analytics and healthcare.

Atanu BasuPodcast: Analytics and the Future of Healthcare