The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Get Artificial Intelligence

6 steps to become 10 times smarter with Artificial Intelligence.


You can see the fear wash over people’s faces when cars slow down in front of them or the Model S automatically changes lanes.

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Chun WangThe Future Belongs To Leaders Who Get Artificial Intelligence

How would Google Drill?

Google approached the challenge of autonomous vehicles as a computer science rather than an engineering problem.  What if the oil and gas industry did the same?

Chun WangHow would Google Drill?

Applying Technology In A Downturn

SAN ANTONIO─Operators who want to stay profitable in the Eagle Ford during a downturn need to drill and complete in a smarter manner. According to Daniel Mohan, senior vice president of marketing for Ayata, prescriptive analytics can help.

Chun WangApplying Technology In A Downturn

The Journey To Designer Wells

As oil prices drop and shale operators around the U.S. sweat, one statistic sticks out from the 2014 DUG Eagle Ford conference—the open admission on stage by one of the largest energy services companies that “60% of all fracture stages are ineffective.” The presenter continued by asserting that a “step change” in completions and productivity is needed to sustain the unconventional energy revolution.

Daniel MohanThe Journey To Designer Wells