How Data Analytics Can Help Frackers Find Oil

One IT firm that’s developing big data analytics technology for frackers is Ayata. The company was founded in 2003 as the result of a Canadian research project, and set out building “prescriptive” analytics tools that can harness hybrid datasets to generate recommendations. A couple of years ago, the company realized that its technology could be applied to the burgeoning world of fracking, according to Ayata CEO Atanu Basu.

The idea is to use Ayata’s prescriptive analytics technology to bolster the efficiency of fracking and the unconventional horizontal drilling methods used today. In fracking today, about 80 percent of the oil comes from 20 percent of the frack “stages,” which are individual segments along the horizontal well shaft. “There are a lot of fracks right now that aren’t producing,” Basu tells Datanami. “It’s like leaving billions of dollars on the table.”

Under Ayata’s prescriptive approach, fracking efficiency can be boosted through the generous collection and correct application of big data analytics technology.

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Atanu BasuHow Data Analytics Can Help Frackers Find Oil

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