ANALYTICS: The Technology Behind Image Analytics

An introductory definition of image analytics is a transformation from images and videos to analytically prepared data. For the purpose of this introduction to image analytics, we define an image as the rendering of a still (non-moving) scene and a video as the rendering of a scene containing a still or panning background segment and moving foreground segments. Note that by implication, a video is also a sequence of images (also called a sequence of frames).

More specifically, the objective of image analytics is to bring an unstructured rendition of reality in the form of images and videos into a machine analyzable representation of a set of variables. A variable is represented by a series of values related to an entity (such as sales, Peter’s emotions, customer sentiment, etc.). Each such value is time stamped, making it possible to treat a variable as a time series.

In computer science or engineering, the detection of objects, faces, movement and so on in images has many labels including image processing or computer vision. A deep discussion on this history and approach is beyond this article. This article will cover the basics; for ambitious readers, we suggest “ Computer Vision Central .”

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Atanu BasuANALYTICS: The Technology Behind Image Analytics

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